Pokemon Damage Calculator

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How to Use the Pokemon Damage Calculator

The Pokemon Damage Calculator is a powerful tool that allows you to predict the amount of damage a Pokemon's move will inflict on its target. Follow the step-by-step guide below to unleash the full potential of this calculator.

Step 1: Select the Generation

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Begin by choosing the desired generation of Pokemon. Select the generation from the drop-down menu to access a list of available Pokemon from that generation.

Step 2: Select the Pokemon

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Once you've selected the generation, proceed to choose the Pokemon you want to calculate damage for. Pick your Pokemon from the drop-down menu, which now includes the options for the selected generation.

Step 3: Enter Stats and Move Details

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Fill in the necessary information related to your Pokemon and the move being used. Enter the Attack and Defense stats, Base Power of the move, Type Effectiveness, STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), Level, Critical Hit Ratio, and any other relevant details.

Step 4: Calculate the Damage and View the Result

Calculate the Damage and View the Result

Click the "Calculate Damage" button to initiate the damage calculation process. The calculator will analyze the provided inputs and determine the expected damage output. The calculated damage result will be displayed in the "Result" section. You can find the estimated amount of damage the move will inflict on the target Pokemon. This information will help you strategize your battles effectively.

Step 5: Choose Additional Options

Additional Options

For more advanced calculations, you can select additional options that affect the damage calculation. These options include the Pokemon's status conditions, abilities, move category, and move type. Check the corresponding checkboxes or select the appropriate options to indicate the presence of these factors.

Option Description
Burned The Pokemon is affected by the Burned status condition.
Paralyzed The Pokemon is affected by the Paralyzed status condition.
Defiant Ability The Pokemon has the Defiant ability.
Competitive Ability The Pokemon has the Competitive ability.
Weak Armor Ability The Pokemon has the Weak Armor ability.
Drought The weather condition is Drought.
Rain Dance The weather condition is Rain Dance.
Sandstorm The weather condition is Sandstorm.
Hail The weather condition is Hail.
Huge Power Ability The Pokemon has the Huge Power ability.
Double Power Ability The Pokemon has the Double Power ability.
Beast Boost Ability The Pokemon has the Beast Boost ability.
Move Category The move being used is categorized as Physical or Special.
Move Type The type of the move being used.

Step 6: Interpret the Damage Result

Interpret the Damage Result

Once you have obtained the damage result, it's important to understand its implications. The displayed damage value represents the estimated amount of damage the move will cause to the target Pokemon. Use this information to plan your strategies, exploit weaknesses, and make informed decisions during battles.

Step 7: Repeat for Different Scenarios

Repeat for Different Scenarios

You can repeat the process for different scenarios by modifying the inputs and options. Select a different Pokemon, adjust the stats, change the move details, and explore various combinations to analyze the damage output against different opponents. This flexibility allows you to adapt your strategies based on the specific circumstances of each battle.