Pokemon Go CP Calculator

Thank you for using our Pokemon Go CP Calculator! We created this calculator to address the need for a reliable and user-friendly tool to determine the Combat Power (CP) of your Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

With our calculator, you can accurately calculate the CP of your Pokemon based on their name, level, and Individual Values (IVs). This information is crucial for making strategic decisions, such as powering up or evolving your Pokemon, to enhance their performance in battles and raids.

We understand the frustration of not having access to a proper CP calculator, which is why we developed this solution. Our goal is to provide trainers like you with a convenient and accurate tool to maximize the potential of your Pokemon.

We hope that our Pokemon CP Calculator has been helpful to you in your Pokemon Go journey. Remember to double-check the details before clicking the "Calculate CP" button for precise results.

Wishing you success in your adventures, and may your Pokemon's CP soar to new heights!

How to Calculate Pokemon Combat Power (CP)

Learn how to calculate the Combat Power (CP) of your favorite Pokemon using our easy-to-follow Pokemon Go CP Calculator guide. Discover the true power that lies within your Pokemon!

Step 1: Choose Your Pokemon

Select Pokemon

Hey there, Pokemon Trainer! Let's calculate the Combat Power (CP) of your favorite Pokemon. To get started, simply type the name of your Pokemon into the "Select Pokemon" field. As you type, we'll show you some suggestions to make your life easier. Once you spot your Pokemon in the dropdown list, go ahead and click on it.

Step 2: Pick the Pokemon's Level

Pick Pokemon's Level

Great choice! Now, let's determine the level of your Pokemon. Look for the "Select Level" dropdown menu and click the arrow to reveal the available levels. Choose the appropriate level for your Pokemon. We've got options from level 1 to level 40, so find the perfect fit.

Step 3: Enter the IV (Individual Values)

Enter IV

The secret to a Pokemon's hidden powers lies in its IV, which stands for Individual Values. These values range from 0 to 100 and affect a Pokemon's stats. Enter the IV value in the "Enter IV (0-100)" box. Make sure to use a value that accurately represents your Pokemon's strength.

Step 4: Let's Calculate CP

Calculate CP

Now comes the exciting part! Click the "Calculate CP" button, and our magical algorithm will work its wonders. It will crunch the numbers, combining the Pokemon's base experience, level, and IV to determine its CP. Get ready to see the results!

Step 5: Behold, Your Pokemon's CP!

Pokemon's CP

Voila! The result is in, Trainer! We've calculated the CP for your Pokemon. Take a look below, and you'll find the Pokemon's image along with its calculated CP value. It's a visual representation of the power that lies within your Pokemon. Impressive, right?