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This calculator is compatible with Pokémon Sword & Shield, as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch gaming console. In addition to this calculator, you can also find other useful calculators:

Downloading the Calculator:

To download this calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Open the calculator in your browser.
  2. Go to the "File" menu and select "Save As...".
  3. Save the page to your computer, ensuring that you select the "HTML only" option.
  4. Once saved, you can use the calculator offline at any time.


This calculator is a collaborative effort maintained on GitHub by various contributors. For further documentation and additional features, you can visit the GitHub repository. The original version of the calculator was developed for exultico.

Program History ±

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Version 1 (15/November/2019)
This version of the calculator was created by forking the Sun & Moon Individual Value & Stat Calculator and tailoring it to Pokémon Sword & Shield.


If you wish to translate, modify, or include this calculator in your website, please review the following license agreement. The author of the program appreciates being notified of any modifications or translations:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Modifying the credits of this program is strictly prohibited.

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Pokémon and all related characters are the intellectual property of Nintendo, Creatures, Game Freak, and Pokémon Inc. This calculator is an unofficial, fan-made program and is not endorsed by any of the aforementioned companies.

Guide: How to Use the Pokémon Sword & Shield IV Calculator

Pokémon Sword & Shield IV Calculator

Welcome to the Pokémon Sword & Shield IV Calculator guide! This calculator is designed to help you determine the Individual Values (IVs) and other important stats of your Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Follow the steps below to effectively use this calculator:

Step 1: Pokémon Selection

1. Start by selecting the Pokémon species from the "POKÉMON SPECIES" dropdown menu. This menu contains a list of available Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

2. Choose the desired Pokémon from the list. The Pokémon species you select will be used for the IV calculations and stat analysis.

Step 2: Nature

1. After selecting the Pokémon species, choose the nature of your Pokémon from the "NATURE" dropdown menu. The nature affects the growth of your Pokémon's stats.

Step 3: Base Stats and Effort Points

1. Enter the base stats of your Pokémon in the corresponding input boxes under the "Base Stats" section. These base stats are specific to the Pokémon species you have selected.

2. Input the number of effort points (EVs) your Pokémon has gained in each stat under the "Effort Points" section. EVs are acquired through training and contribute to your Pokémon's overall stat growth.

Step 4: Level and Stats

1. Enter the level of your Pokémon in the "Level" field. The level determines the base value for your Pokémon's stats.

2. Input the current HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats of your Pokémon in the respective fields under the "Stats" section. These are the current stats of your Pokémon.

Step 5: Individual Values (IVs)

1. The "INDIVIDUAL VALUES" section displays the calculated Individual Values (IVs) of your Pokémon. IVs are hidden values that determine the potential of your Pokémon's stats.

2. Use the information provided to determine the IVs for each stat. Higher IVs indicate greater potential and better stat growth.

Step 6: Damage Taken

1. The "DAMAGE TAKEN" section shows the damage multipliers for each type against your Pokémon. It provides insight into the vulnerabilities and resistances of your Pokémon.

2. It indicates how much damage your Pokémon would receive from Ghost, Fighting, and other types. Use this information to develop battle strategies and identify your Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses.

Step 7: Calculated Stats - Min/Max

1. The "CALCULATED STATS - MIN / MAX" section provides the calculated minimum and maximum stats of your Pokémon. These values are based on the Pokémon's IVs, EVs, level, and other factors.

2. The minimum and maximum stats give you an idea of the potential range your Pokémon can achieve in each stat.

Note: This calculator offers three modes: Single Pokémon, Team Pokémon, and Raw Pokémon. Select the mode that best fits your needs. The mode selection will affect the calculations performed by the calculator.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to use the Pokémon Sword & Shield IV Calculator. Utilize this calculator to optimize your Pokémon's IVs and stats for battles in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Good luck on your journey!

Instructions ±


This calculator is designed to perform reverse calculations of a Pokémon's Individual Values (IVs) based on the Pokémon's details. It can also calculate stats at any given level and determine a Pokémon's Hidden Power type and power.

If terms such as IVs and EPs sound unfamiliar to you, it is recommended to read a Pokémon Training Guide before using this tool.

Here are some example use cases: Dusk Mane Necrozma

User Interface

Generates a SaveCode and a link (URL) that you can bookmark or share with others.
Single-click to load the data saved in the URL, or double-click to load any SaveCode.

IV Calculation (make it look simpler?)

* Fields marked with an asterisk are optional.


It is important to accurately track your Pokémon's Effort Points (EPs) for precise calculations. Incorrect EPs can lead to errors in the calculator's results. If needed, you can reset a Pokémon's Effort Points by feeding them appropriate "anti-vitamin" berries.

The PC Storage System includes a "Judge" function that can assess your Pokémon's potential, identify the stat with the highest IVs, and notify you of any zero IVs. To unlock this function, talk to the "Stat Judge" at the Battle Tree after hatching at least 20 eggs at the Pokémon Nursery.

Regarding the Calculator, you can use the CTRL/CMD key to select or deselect multiple stats simultaneously.

For accurate results, it is recommended to level up your Pokémon to level 20 or higher. This can be achieved by using Rare Candies. If you wish to keep your Rare Candies, make sure to save your progress before leveling up.

Single mode: This mode is suitable for calculating IVs of Pokémon at low levels. To get accurate results, provide optional information and additional row data by leveling up the Pokémon, evolving it, or changing its form. The "+Lv." and "+EPs" indicators show how many additional levels or Effort Points (at the same level) are required to refine the resulting IV spread. Stats of alternate forms and Mega Evolutions can also improve the accuracy of the calculations.

Team mode: This mode is useful for IV Battles. You can calculate IVs for multiple Pokémon simultaneously. In an IV Battle, assemble a team of low-level Pokémon and battle with a friend online, forcing the Pokémon to level up to 100. Take note of their projected stats for future reference.

Row mode: This mode allows you to calculate and examine the details of the currently selected Pokémon in more depth.

Stat Calculation

Using the median IVs and input Effort Points, this calculator accurately calculates a Pokémon's stats at the specified level.

EP training tools

EP tracking
By unselecting an active row, you can enable tracking mode. Then select the appropriate item, opponent species, and number fought to calculate the Effort Points gained.
EPs Calculation
This tool is particularly useful for competitive battlers. First, calculate your current Pokémon's stats, modify your current stats in the first row, and then use this tool to view how many EPs are required to reach the desired stats.

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