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MTG Mana Calculator MTG Mana Calculator


MTG Mana Calculator

Are you looking to fine-tune your Magic: The Gathering deck’s mana base? Our handy MTG Mana Calculator is here to assist you. Let’s dive into the structure and helpful content you’ll find on this page:

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Results Modifier: 0.92

To make the calculations more accurate for your specific deck, we’ve included a results modifier. This nifty value accounts for factors like card draw and deck synergy, ensuring you get the most relevant results. Feel free to tweak it as per your deck strategy.

1. Deck Totals

  • Total Creatures + Spells: 0

This section gives you an overview of the composition of your deck. It tells you the total number of non-mana cards in your deck, including both creatures and spells.

  • Total CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 0

Curious about the average cost of casting your spells and creatures? The total CMC displays the combined mana cost of all non-mana cards in your deck, providing valuable insights into your deck’s casting requirements.

2. Mana Breakdown

Here, you’ll find the distribution of mana costs across the different colors in your deck. This breakdown helps you visualize the mana requirements and balance within your deck.

  • Red Mana: 0
  • Green Mana: 0
  • Blue Mana: 0
  • Black Mana: 0
  • White Mana: 0
  • Colourless Mana: 0

Each color is listed separately, along with its corresponding mana cost. This breakdown assists you in understanding the mana distribution needed for your deck’s color requirements.

3. Results

These numbers serve as practical guidelines for constructing your deck’s mana base. They offer essential insights to help you make informed decisions about mana card selection.

  • Average CMC (Converted Mana Cost) Per Card: 0

Wondering about the average mana cost per card in your deck? This metric, the Average CMC Per Card, helps you assess your deck’s mana curve and casting efficiency.

  • Total Mana Cards: 0

The total number of mana cards in your deck, including lands and other mana-producing spells, is displayed here. It helps you ensure you have an appropriate number of mana sources to support your deck’s strategy.

  • Red Mana: 0
  • Green Mana: 0
  • Blue Mana: 0
  • Black Mana: 0
  • White Mana: 0
  • Colourless Mana: 0

These values represent the recommended number of mana cards for each color in your deck. Balancing the mana distribution according to these suggestions enhances your chances of drawing the required mana colors.

Feel free to adjust the results modifier and use these numbers as a starting point to refine your deck’s mana base. Remember to consider your deck’s strategy, mana curve, and color requirements when making adjustments.

We hope you find the MTG Mana Calculator useful in optimizing your Magic: The Gathering deck. Get ready to increase your chances of success in your games!

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